Invoice Approval System

The process of invoice approval entails thorough scrutiny and authorization of supplier invoices prior to completing the payment. This pivotal procedure begins upon the buyer’s receipt of a supplier invoice via different channels such as email or mail. Subsequently, the invoice undergoes meticulous categorization and is directed to the appropriate stakeholders for approval. This structured methodology guarantees precision and adherence to organizational protocols, thereby facilitating the smooth progression of financial transactions.

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Invoice approval system

Manage Projects

You can manage the projects information.
Add new project and perform the invoice approvals by project.

Manage Vendors / Suppliers

You can manage the suppliers, add, edit and delete the suppliers.

Manage Cost Center

Define the cost center and manage it using this section.

Invoice Approvals

The employee submits the request for the invoice approval to the admin.

Multi users

The system supports the multiple users to manage the system, send the invoices for the approval and admins, project managers or owner approved the invoices.

PDF Integration

The PDF API integrated with the system to modify the vendor invoices and display the approval stamp on the invoices.

Search Invoices

You can search the invoices by different filters like Suppliers name, email, project and invoice status.

Review Invoices

You can preview the invoice file before the approval.